Ways to Be Green

These Green Tips are what we email the first week of each month to help you keep the word out about the recycling program. These help people make small changes and they serve as the reminder for your organization to continue collecting ink cartridges and cell phones.

Check out our archived Green Tips below and feel free to boost your program by sending them out every 2 weeks rather than each month. The more the message is exposed, the greater your program will be!

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New Uses For Ordinary Products
• 5 Ways to Be Green Around the House
5 Ways to Shop Green
5 Ways to Be Green in the Office
7 Recipes for Being Green When You Clean
5 Ways to Have a Green Holiday Season
20 Ways to Start Being Green
The Dos and Don’ts of Recycling
5 Ways to Be Green in the Garden – Part I
6 Ways to Be Green in the Garden – Part II
Why We Should Ban Plastic Bags
9 Ways to Be Green and Save Money
8 Green Web Sites For Kids
10 Double-Duty Decorating Ideas
How To Grow A Green Kitchen

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